News Deck – Week 21 Preview

Changing customer demands require creating new value propositions, calling for flexibility, speed and digital solutions. As legacy systems are not so good at that middleware platforms and APIs close the gap between fast-pace front end innovation and the stability of the backend – on the other hand, it is clear that with those developments also come new challenges like the question how to design the middle layer.

In this week’s edition of News Deck, we have collected together stories from across the industry, including:

  • Allianz expects customers to like simplicity and thus has to rebuild the IT – that means a shutdown of 2000 applications in the following years – explains  Barbara Karuth-Zelle SZ (German)
  • What’s AI-right and AI-wrong? And can people even know the answer? Having data? Seeing data? Knowing data? Using data? Not using data? Not knowing, seeing, having? A lot of questions around AI in the blog from Celent (English)

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