News Deck – Week 24 Preview

In former times insurance was about caring for more safeness, today the task is to raise the awareness of risks. Terms like “distribution”, “distribution channel ” or “acquisition” go from the point of Peter Maas (University St. Gallen, at the Hannover Forum 2021) past most customer’s needs.

In this week’s edition of News Deck, we have collected together stories from across the industry, including:

  • DEVK and Sparda Bank Nürnberg launched the robo-advisor “Digital Versicherungsmanager“ to offer customers an overview about their policies and a check for performance gi (German)
  • The technologies with the most momentum in an accelerating world are next-level process automation and virtualization, connectivity, trust architecture, applied AI, next-generation computing, distributed infrastructure, future of programming, bio revolution and nanomaterials shows the tech trends index of McKinsey (English)

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