News Deck – Week 25 Preview

„Unsere Prognosen zeigen, dass allein ein Drittel des weltweiten Wachstums in der Erstversicherung bis 2030 auf China und Indien entfallen wird.“
Achim Kassow, Munich Re

In this week’s edition of News Deck, we have collected together stories from across the industry, including:

  • The health insurers AXADebekaHUK and VKB started a collaboration for better management of care and benefit, a first step is a network with pharma providers VW-heute (German)
  • Technological, regulatory, and competitive forces are moving markets toward easier and safer financial data sharing, open-data initiatives are springing up globally – now a new analysis of McKinsey looks at the value to be created ranging from about 1 – 1.5 % of GDP in 2030 in EU, UK and US to 4 – 5 % in India across a wide range of interactions from user convenience to increased operational efficiency or better fraud prediction McKinsey (English)

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