News Deck – Week 37 Preview

Unlike new start-up industries, insurance companies have computer application systems that can easily date back 40 years or more and can’t handle data types flowing in from what are now commonplace smartphones. Modern customers are gravitating to companies that simplify the user experience and focus on personalized interactions with convenient, trusted, and automated access to services and information. Oftentimes this includes DIY (Do It Yourself) enabling. Not only do customers want this, but employees, agents, and partners also do too (Celent)

In this week’s edition of News Deck, we have collected together stories from across the industry, including:

  • Swiss Re announced a partnership with community-based travel platform BlaBlaCar and motor insurance specialist L’olivier Assurance, to launch a digital motor product in France based on an app that offers personalized coaching and tips for safer driving reinsurancenews (English), VW-Heute (German)
  • “Is the world becoming riskier or safer?” Riskier e.g. because of global warming, terrorism, political risk, global supply chains or internet risks, safer as better building codes, safer cars, better cat modeling tools and ever-more-sophisticated tools help to control loss – and a lot is linked to IoT Carriermanagement (English)

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